Fix: Unable to Cash out from Cash app

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Introduction: Detailed solution for “Unable to Cash out from Cash app issue”.

Facing issue while performing Cash out on Cash app, may be it is the first time you are looking for solution on the internet. Well, do not worry is always ready to help you out in every situation you are experiencing on Cash app.

Let us start by acknowledging the reason behind Cash out failing on the Cash app and learn its solutions.

Solution for unable to Cash out from Cash app:-

Insufficient balance

Insufficient fund is one of the most important reason that refrain users from performing using cash out feature on Cash app. So you need to check your Cash app balance before initiating Cash out transaction; moreover, we would also like to update you that Cash app has two cash out feature’s in which one is chargeable feature and other is Standard Cash out feature free of cost but it takes up to 2-5 days for processing the payment .

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Instant Cash out 

Instant Cash out is a feature that credits your wallet amount into your bank instantly; however, for this service you have to pay 1.5%  on the transactional amount.

Therefore, there is a chance that you have selected the instant cash out feature and your account does not have the total amount with 1.5% fees in the Cash app wallet that you want to transfer from wallet to bank account.

Solution: – Solution for this issue is to try again with the less amount from the prior entered amount. Also, choose the instant method as it would help you in understanding the problem clearly.

Internet Connectivity

All payment gateways work with stable internet connectivity. Moreover, bad internet or unstable internet connection refrains users from doing tasks on these platforms.  

Solution:- Make sure your internet connectivity is working well and check your WI-Fi or router if it is continously blinking and if it is not blinking then try to switch with other available Wi-Fi connections or try cellular network to perform the task. 

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Incorrect Details

There are also some scenarios when a user enters “incorrect details”. Yes, if you may have entered the wrong recipient address or the account that has been flagged on Cash app then there are high chances of payment failure.  

Solution: – We recommend you to use a previously used card or bank account to cash out the amount from Cash app wallet since sometime Cash app cash out fails when its monitors suspicious activity. 

Recipient’s server down

Many times payments get declined and come back to the wallet due to bank server problems. If your bank server would not work properly at the time of transaction then there is a chance that the server would not receive the amount that has been sent from Cash app wallet.


To resolve this issue, you would have to contact your bank customer support and mention to them the issue you are facing while making a transaction to your bank account or you can wait until the service is restored.

Auxiliary 1

Using an older version

Industry experts have observed that many time payment failure ratio get on rise due to old version issues. In your case, it might be possible that you were using an old version of Cash app application, which refrains you from making transactions at the moment.

Solution:- Indeed, Cash app and other payment gateways are working similarly in the backend to give you a better experience and updates are always offered for your betterment. Therefore, it is best to keep an updated application on your device to reduce the risk of payment failure.


At the end of the tutorial, we would expect that you have learned about Cash out on Cash app and learned how to resolve the Unable to Cash out from Cash app issue by yourself since we have articulated the issue and solution in detailed guidelines.

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Does Cash app charge for Cash out on Cash app?

No, Cash app does not charge for using Standard Cash out feature on Cash app; although, if the user want to Cash out using Instant feature, he would have to pay 1.5% fee for instant transaction. 

Is there any feature to Cash out on Cash app without a fee?

Yes, you can use a standard feature for this, this feature credited the wallet amount into your bank between 2 working days.

Can I use the Cash out feature without having a bank account?

No, you cannot use the Cash out feature without having a bank account since this option is available for money transfer from wallet to bank account. Therefore, it is not possible to get money without a bank account.

Can I cash out Bitcoin from Cash app wallet?

Yes, you can sell (Cash-out) or transfer to other Bitcoin wallets from Cash app wallet; moreover, you can also receive BTC into your wallet.

What could be the reason for payment failure on Cash app?

Insufficient balance or poor network connections are the major reasons of payment failure; although, in your case it may also be possible, you were using expired card or other aspects. Apart from this, you may have input the wrong details of the recipient’s bank account. 

What has my cash out not been processed on Cash app?

Cash out instant feature credits amount into your wallet instantly, while the standard method takes up to two business day. If you have selected Standard method, it will take time for processing. Although, if you are not getting credits within 5 days, you can contact Cash app support.