Fix “Unable to link debit card to Cash App” issue.

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Introduction: – Solution for “unable to link debit card to Cash app” issue.

Are you also facing issue while linking your debit card on Cash app? Have tried several time to fix by yourself; although fail to resolve the issue and still unable to link debit card to Cash app account. Do not worry, you are on the right place where you can learn the solutions and would be able to link your debit card on Cash app account.

If you are not able to link debit card to Cash app then there are majorly two factors that can also be divided into several sub-division. Those two factors are

  1. Following Incorrect steps 
  2. Debit card issue (Not Supported)

Yes, these two factors are very commonly observed for this issue. First, when the user does not follow the correct steps to link the debit card and the second, there is any issue with your debit card. To know the factors and solutions complete this tutorial forward.

How to link a debit card to a Cash App?

We know a lot of people are aware of linking debit card to cash app account; however, you may have missed a step that leads you to this issue. Therefore, follow the mentioned below pointers to link debit card.

  • Navigate Cash app account on your mobile or PC.
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  • Tap on the “Banking” option available in the bottom of the home screen.
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  • Now, click on “Link Debit Card”, you will be redirected to add the card option (Debit card + Credit card)
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  • Enter your debit card number and tap on the next button.”
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  • Enter the details as required.
Unable to link debit card to Cash app (2)

Why is Cash app not supporting my debit card?

There are many reasons that refrains users from linking debit cards to their accounts. Reasons are mentioned below:- 

Card not supported

The very first reason for not accepting cards on any payment application is that the company does not support the same. Similarly, Cash app does not support few cards that are listed below:-

  • Card that charges extra fees for initiating transactions,
  • ATM card, 
  • Paypal Card, 
  • Business debit card.

Solution:- If you are using any card that is not supporting on Cash app, you would not be able to link it on Cash app. Therefore, try to link a debit card of any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Moreover, the user can also use government enabled debit card.

Blocked card

Generally, if we do not use any payment card for a long duration then card company blocks it automatically. Sometimes companies and banks also block your card when found suspicious activity or excess purchases.

Solution:- The solution is to know the status of your payment card at first, you would have to contact the customer care executive of your bank and if your card is blocked then request them to unblock it.

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Expired card

Expired card is another type of card that create issues while linking on any platform or making a trabnsaction since every bank gives you a validity period for holding their bank card.

Solution:- Check out the expiry date of your payment card, expiry date of debit and credit card is mentioned in the front or in the back of the card i.e. 02/22 or 06/24

Already linked card

If you are using a card that has been linked to an other cash app account then Cash app will not accept the same card. As per cash app policy, users will have to link different cards for different account.


If you are creating a new account after failing to access the old Cash app account and linking the same card to your new Cash app account then you would fail because Cash app doesn’t accept one card for two same accounts. The Solution is you can have another prepaid card or buy a govt. enabled prepaid card for linking your account.

Server down

Most of the time these problems also occur due to server outrage since Cash app is a third party money transfer application, it must be  connected with your bank server for any transaction or banking activities.

Solution:- Check for server status of the bank and Cash app to ensure that you are performing the task when the server is running well.

Incorrect detail

Many times this issue occurs due while entering incorrect details as Cash app verifies and matches the same with the entered data from the bank end before adding to your wallet account.

Solution:- Reassure yourself while entering the details of your card on Cash app that you are entering the correct details.

How to fix “Can’t link card at this time”?

Unable to link debit card to Cash app

“Cash app won’t let me add a debit card” or “Can’t link card at this time” issue is the same issue that ask user to try again. Although, some users face issues after trying several times; therefore, there are some factors that refrain you from linking debit cards to cash app successfully, which are mentioned below.

  • A temporary hold is placed on your debit cards.
  • Entered incorrect details of your card i.e. incorrect card number, CVV, and expiration date.
  • Deactivated or expired card.
  • If your debit card is not supported by the US bank.

Note:  You can only use US supported cards on Cash app.

How to add debit card to Cash app on iPhone in 2021?

Unable to link debit card to Cash app

Cash app does not change the method of adding a debit card to Cash app on iPhone device still you can follow the similar steps that you already used before; however, for your better understanding, we have mentioned steps below.

  • Open Cash app application on iPhone and login.
  • Click on Banking.
  • Click on “Link bank” and tap “Debit card” option.
  • Follow the screen guidelines and tap Next.

Warning Note: Steps of linking credit cards are similar to debit card-linking steps; however, if you want to link a credit card to cash app, you need to add your debit card at first.

Wrapping up:- 

Unable to link debit card to Cash app is one of the hardest issue users are facing on Cash app. Therefore, we have gathered accurate detail in this blog that would definitely help you once you follow the solutions which are curated with graphical representation.

For more Cash app updates solutions; kindly visit CashAppPedia.


How to add a debit card on Cash app?

To link a debit card on Cash app, follow the provided instruction: –
1.Navigate Cash app and click Banking tab.
2.Just below the bank account detail, the user can see a tab “Add a Debit Card”.
3.Enter the card detail like name, card number, expiration date, and CVV number.
4.Now, click on the next button to “Confirm.”

Which card can I add to Cash app?

You can add debit card that is supported on Cash app like Visa, Master card, American express, and Government enabled prepaid card.

Can I add multiple debit card to Cash app account?

No, Cash app has option to add a single debit and credit card of a particular user; therefore, you cannot add more than one debit card to Cash app for now.

Why am not able to add PayPal card on Cash app?

Cash app does not support PayPal card for now; you can use other debit card that is supported on Cash app.

Does Cash app charges for using payment card to Cash app?

No, Cash app does not charge for using debit card on Cash app; however, it charges 3% for each transaction using credit card on Cash app. 

Can I use someone else’s debit card on my Cash App?

Yes, you can link any debit card on Cash app that is supported as per guidelines either it belongs to you or someone else.